A Javascript NPM package to validate Chainpoint v3 Proofs with a formal JSON Schema (Draft 04) validator
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Chainpoint Proof v3 JSON Schema Validator

npm version

A simple npm package to validate a Chainpoint v3 Proof, in JSON format, against a JSON Schema (Draft 04).

Take a look here to learn more about https://chainpoint.org


This package does not validate that the hashes in a proof are valid up to an anchor (e.g. BTC, ETH). In fact this package doesn't know what a hash is! It only validates that the proof you provide it with is a well formed proof according to its schema. Nothing more, nothing less.

Try it out

Test out the schema validation with a sample proof, or one of your own.


Learn More About JSON Schema:





yarn add chainpoint-proof-json-schema
const chainpointProofSchema = require('chainpoint-proof-json-schema')
let objectToValidate = {}
let res = chainpointProofSchema.validate(objectToValidate)

// {valid: true, errors: null}
if (res.valid) {
} else {


Note : You can copy docs/bundle.js into your app to include in a script tag, or use the http://rawgit.com/ CDN version (make sure the Git commit SHA1 in the URL is current). Rawgit is a free service and makes no guarantees for uptime.

  <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/chainpoint/chainpoint-proof-json-schema/495732a06654615f2b2d4c5716c59f769a99d3c2/docs/bundle.js"></script>

Or install the npm package in a place available to your web pages and set the script src tag to something like the following. A window global function chainpointProofSchema.validate() will be available and operate the same as the Node.js example above.

<script src="./node_modules/chainpoint-proof-json-schema/docs/bundle.js">



yarn test

Browser Packaging

Will store a browserify bundle to docs/bundle.js which can also be used from directly within the <script> tag in an HTML page.

yarn bundle

Open a local copy of the test page in your browser after bundling

yarn browser