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The plipbox Arduino HW Adapter to bridge Amiga PLIP to Ethernet
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plipbox is an Arduino-based device that allows to connect low-end classic Amigas via Ethernet to your local network. It bridges IP traffic received via PLIP on the parallel port of the Amiga to the Ethernet port attached to the Arduino.

Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Christian Vogelgsang

Released under the GNU Public License V2 (see COPYING for details)


With the plip2slip project I already presented a device that uses a cheap AVR 8 bit microcontroller (as found on the popular Arduino boards) to bridge network traffic from the Amiga's parallel port (with the MagPLIP protocoll) to another machine via a fast serial link.

plipbox extends the plip2slip project and replaces the serial link for IP traffic with an on-board Ethernet port. This allows you to connect your Amiga directly to your local network without any other machine assisting.

With the on-board Ethernet port the plipbox HW is more complex than the plip2slip HW, but I tried to use common and easy available HW modules to simplify the recreation of this device. This allows even novice users to build their own plipbox. (See the hardware document for details).

The firmware for plipbox is open-source and hosted on GitHub. Clone this repository if you want to build the firmware yourself or if you want to play around with it.

Download Releases

See my plipbox blog page for downloads of the current release archives. These archives contain pre-built firmware and Amiga driver binaries in addtion to the source code here.


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