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ChainSecurity Audit Reports

This repository contains a selection of public reports produced by ChainSecurity for our clients as a part of the audit process.

The reports offer a glance at how a potential project deliverable might be structured and the issues that are typically covered in our audits.

If you would like to know more about our tools, audit process or have a general inquiry, contact us at

If you are an auditor, a creative problem solver or have a security background: Write us, we're hiring!


Project Delivery Date
Zilliqa 12/27/2017
PolicyPal Network 02/28/2018
VU token 04/24/2018
iExec 05/16/2018
Kyber Network 06/29/2018
POA Network 09/11/2018
Paxos 09/13/2018
Wrapped BTC 10/11/2018
Republic Protocol 10/22/2018
STK 11/07/2018
Switcheo Network 11/15/2018