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uBitAddr is an offline Bitcoin address generator for microcontroller platforms
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  • Josh McIntyre




  • uBitAddr is an offline Bitcoin address generator for microcontroller platforms


Git Workflow

  • master for releases (merge development)
  • development for bugfixes and new features

Building (Python and Prebuilt Firmware)

  • make build Build the application
  • make clean Clean the build directory

Building Custom CircuitPython

  • Full CircuitPython source is not included in this repo for brevity/ease of reading source
  • To build the custom distribution, clone CircuitPython and checkout branch 4.1.x
  • Copy the source in src/module to the matching folders in CircuitPython
  • Follow the CircuitPython build instructions for M4 boards (ItsyBitsy M4, Grand Central M4, Metro M4)


  • Generate a random Bitcoin private key (WIF format) and address (Legacy format)
  • Display the address and private key on a character LCD screen, rotating every 30 seconds
  • Print the address and private key via a thermal receipt printer


  • Requires CircuitPython with custom BitAddr module


  • Adafruit M4 microcontrollers (ItsyBitsy M4, Grand Central M4, Metro M4)


Firmware installation

  • Double tap the reset button on the board when connected to a computer via USB
  • Drag the appropriate firmware file (.uf2) for the desired board to the filesystem
  • Wait for board to restart automatically

Peripheral installation

  • Wire up the desired output - currently supports a character LCD with I2C backpack, thermal receipt printer, or output to PC via USB cable (no accessories needed)

Code installation

  • Edit "" to init uBitAddr class with desired output
  • Copy "" to CIRCUITPY directory

General usage

  • Once the code is loaded, restart the board to automatically generate and output an address
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