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Cross-chain hub for Crypto Asset on Polkadot
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❗️ To avoid distractions and move quickly, we make the hard choice of developing ChainX in a private codebase. Once it's been fully tested and audited with great care, we'll put it public again. Stay tuned!


For the time being the goal of ChainX is to build a cross-chain digital asset management platform on the strength of substrate which is next-generation framework for blockchain created by paritytech. The long-term vision of ChainX is to evolve as a general blockchain infrastructure platform.


ChainX is still at a very early stage and in an active development. The instruction as followed is not stable and may change in the future.


  • Built-in light client of existing blockchains.

  • Built-in Coin DEX.

  • Progressive staking and election machanism.

  • And more.


1.0: Independent Chain

ChainX 1.0 will operate as an independent chain at the very beginning, supporting the Coin DEX between the system currency PCX and BTC powed by BTC cross-chain transaction from the relay. At this stage, ChainX will continue to relay BCH, LTC, ZEC, ETH, DAI, ERC20, ERC721, ADA, EOS and other chains for Coin DEX.

2.0: Polkadot Parachain

ChainX 2.0 will begin at Q3 2019 when Polkadot releases v1. It will connect into Polkadot and transform into a para-chain, adding new applications such as decentralized stable currency collateralized by BTC and derivatives exchanges.

3.0: Polkadot level 2 multi-chain system

ChainX 3.0 will begin at 2020 when Polkadot releases v2, splited into a multi-chain architecture operating as Polkadot's level 2 relay network.


GPL v3

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