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Small git utitlies
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submodule-hooks post-merge-checkout: Refactor handling of new submodules. Aug 22, 2013



  • pre-commit -- Check whether any submodule is about to be updated with the commit. Ask the user for confirmation. To use, copy to $GIT_DIR/hooks/ and make it executable.

  • post-merge-checkout -- Check if any submodule has been updated post git-merge (git-pull) or a branch checkout. If so, ask if user wants to run git-submodule update. To use, copy to $GIT_DIR/hooks/post-checkout and/or $GIT_DIR/hooks/post-merge and make them executable.

There's an install script inside the submodule-hooks directory (; you can use this script to install submodule-hooks in your git working directory.


Sets up an existing branch to track a remote branch.


git track-remote origin/branch
git track-remote branch origin/branch

Runs the following git-config commands:

git config branch.$local_branch.remote $remote_repo
git config branch.$local_branch.remote refs/heads/$remote_branch


git-new will display a (git) log of all commits which are in the remote tracking branch but not in the local branch. All options are passed to git-log. Most useful after a git fetch.


git new
git new --oneline
git new -p

Note: You need to add this file and ./new-revs to your $PATH for it to work.


to-utf8 tries to detect the encoding of the given file using file and then prints its contents to stdout, converted to utf-8. The command iconv is required to perform the conversion to utf-8.

to-utf8 is useful as a git-diff driver for text files not encoded using ascii or utf-8. To configure this as a diff driver,

  1. Add to-utf8 to your $PATH

  2. Configure it as diff driver in your git config using:

    git config to-utf8
  3. In your project's .gitattribues, configure the relevant path to use this diff driver. e.g.

    *.strings diff=to-utf8    /* Cocoa Strings files */
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