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// NicoLiveAlertCollaboration.h
// NicoLiveAlert
// Created by Чайка on 5/20/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 iom. All rights reserved.
#ifndef NicoLiveAlertCollaboration_h
#define NicoLiveAlertCollaboration_h
#define NLAApplicationName @"NicoLiveAlert"
#define NLABroadcastStartNotification @"NLABroadcastStart"
#define NLABroadcastEndNotification @"NLABroadcastEnd"
@abstract dictionary keys of NLABroadcastStartNotification
@define ProgramURL
@abstract program url by NSString object
#define ProgramURL @"ProgramURL"
@define LiveNumber
@abstract program number (lv....) by NSString object
#define LiveNumber @"LiveNumber"
@define CommentViewr
@abstract Wish to Open Comment Viewr by BOOL value of NSNumber object
#define CommentViewer @"CommentViewer"
@define BroadcastStreamer
@abstract Wish to Open Straming program by BOOL value of NSNumber object
ex. Flash Media Live Encoder
#define BroadcastStreamer @"BroadcastStreamer"
@define BroadcastKind
@abstract tell a kind of this program by described enumlation Number
by NSNumber object
#define BroadCastKind @"BroadCastKind"
typedef NSInteger BroadcastKind;
enum BroadcastKind {
broadcastKindChannel = -1,
broadcastKindUser = 0,
broadcastKindOfficial = 1