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My Personal Website

Check it out at

Local development


This site uses Jekyll as it's site generator. So if you want to see how the site works on your local device, you're required to install Jekyll.

  1. Make sure you have Ruby(v2.0.0 at least) installed.
  2. Install Jekyll with gem install jekyll
  3. To run Jekyll, type jekyll serve and hit enter.
  4. Head over to
  5. To stop Jekyll from watching the files and running the server, just hit control + c


This site uses Sass as the pre-processor of the stylesheets. It also uses Susy for setting the grids in the website.

All the Sass files are watch by Grunt and auto prefixed with grunt-autoprefixer.


I recommend installing Susy first to make sure the Sass compilation process runs properly. The site uses Bower to include Susy into the site directory.

  1. Make sure you have NPM installed.
  2. Install Bower with npm install -g bower(sometimes sudo npm install -g bower is required.)
  3. Go to the root directory of the project.
  4. Type bower install and hit enter.
  5. Now you have Susy installed inside bower_components.


Now we have Susy installed, we need Grunt to watch and compile the Sass files for us.

  1. Go to the root directory of the project.
  2. Type npm install.
  3. Now Grunt and all other dependencies will be installed inside node_modules.
  4. Go ahead and run grunt.
  5. Everytime you save css/dev/main.scss, Grunt will run and compile it into auto-prefixed css. The compiled css file will be placed at css/main.css.


Personal website



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