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Accordion | Accessibility ♿️

This report is adapted to list the WAI-ARIA Authoring practices for Accordions supported by Chakra UI for the CAccordion component.


An accordion is a vertically stacked set of interactive headings that each contain a title, content snippet, or thumbnail representing a section of content. The headings function as controls that enable users to reveal or hide their associated sections of content. Accordions are commonly used to reduce the need to scroll when presenting multiple sections of content on a single page.


@chakra-ui/vue exports 5 Accordion related components:

  • CAccordion
  • CAccordionItem
  • CAccordionHeader
  • CAccordionPanel
  • CAccordionIcon

CAccordion Keyboard Interaction

Space or Enter

  • When focus is on the CAccordionHeader for a collapsed panel, expands the associated CAccordionPanel
  • When focus is on the CAccordionHeader for an expanded CAccordionPanel, collapses the panel if the implementation supports collapsing
  • Tab: Moves focus to the next focusable element. This includes all CAccordionHeader elements and other focusable elements that might exist inside the CAccordionPanel
  • Shift + Tab: Moves focus to the previous focusable element; all focusable elements in the CAccordion are included in the page Tab sequence

CAccordion WAI-ARIA Roles, States, and Properties:

  • The title of each accordion header is contained in an element with role button.: CAccordionHeader wraps all of its content inside a <button> element.
  • Each CAccordionHeader button is wrapped in an element with role heading: CAccordionPanel possesses an aria-labelledby attribute that references it's corresponding CAccordionHeader.
  • If the CAccordionPanel associated with an CAccordionHeader is visible, the CAccordionHeader button element has aria-expanded set to true. If the CAccordionPanel is not visible, aria-expanded is set to false.
  • The CAccordionHeader button element has aria-controls set to the id corresponding CAccordionPanel
  • If the CAccordionPanel associated with a given CAccordionHeader is visible, and if the accordion does not permit the panel to be collapsed, the CAccordionHeader button element has aria-disabled set to true.

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