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Frontity Chakra Theme

A Frontity theme made with the Chakra UI library.

You can try it out in codesandbox:

Installation guide

To get start quickly with the Chakra UI theme, you can install them like other published packages in Node using npm or yarn.

To install, run this command in your terminal:

npm install frontity-chakra-theme

Then add frontity-chakra-theme to your frontity.settings.js file.

If you want to modify this package, you need to install it as a local package. You can do so by following this guide: How to install a local package in Frontity.

Theme Options

Chakra theme can be configures via the frontity.settings.js file. The theme options can be specified in the state.theme property.

Key Default Value Description
menu [] The top level navigation links for your blog
socialLinks [] The social media links to use in your theme
logo [] The text or logo image url
showBackgroundPattern true If true, will show a backgroung pattern
showSocialLinks true If true, will show the social media links
colors The primary and accent colors to use

Example Usage

// frontity.settings.js
const settings = {
  packages: [
      name: "frontity-chakra-theme",
      state: {
        theme: {
          // The logo can be a text or an image url
          logo: "Frontity",
          // show background pattern
          showBackgroundPattern: true,
          // show social links
          showSocialLinks: true,
          // the top-level navigation labels and links
          menu: [
            ["Home", "/"],
            ["Portfolio", "/portfolio"],
            ["About", "/about"],
            ["Contact", "/contact"],
          // the social links
          socialLinks: [
            ["pinterest", ""],
            ["facebook", ""],
            ["twitter", ""],
          // color shades to use in the blog
          colors: {
            primary: {
              50: "#e9f5f2",
              100: "#d4dcd9",
              200: "#bbc3be",
              300: "#a1aba5",
              400: "#87938b",
              500: "#6d7972",
              600: "#555f58",
              700: "#323c34",
              800: "#232924",
              900: "#272727",
            accent: {
              50: "#ede4d3",
              100: "#fbe3b2",
              200: "#f6d086",
              300: "#f1be58",
              400: "#eca419",
              500: "#d49212",
              600: "#a5710b",
              700: "#775105",
              800: "#483100",
              900: "#1d0f00",

export default settings;

🚨NOTE: Since this theme is based on Chakra, we require that the theme colors should be color values from 50 - 900. For example, here's what the default colors look like:

// value of theme.colors
  "primary": {
    "50": "#e9f5f2",
    "100": "#d4dcd9",
    "200": "#bbc3be",
    "300": "#a1aba5",
    "400": "#87938b",
    "500": "#6d7972",
    "600": "#555f58",
    "700": "#323c34",
    "800": "#232924",
    "900": "#272727"
  "accent": {
    "50": "#ede4d3",
    "100": "#fbe3b2",
    "200": "#f6d086",
    "300": "#f1be58",
    "400": "#eca419",
    "500": "#d49212",
    "600": "#a5710b",
    "700": "#775105",
    "800": "#483100",
    "900": "#1d0f00"

You can use tools like Smart Swatch ( or Palx ( to generate color hues based on a single color

Additional Settings

In addition to the theme options, there are a handful of items you can customize via the frontity object in your site’s frontity.settings.js

// frontity.settings.js
const settings = {
  state: {
    frontity: {
      url: "your website url",
      title: "Your website title",
      description: "Your website description",

If you ever have questions, kindly post issues here or head over to to get more personalizes support.

Enjoy the Chakra Theme ⚡️


A Frontity theme built with Chakra UI






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