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Bends the pipeline to your will with Fu#. An embedded web server implementation in pure functional-style C# with a focus on maximum compositionality and modifiability.

Not everyone will understands what this is, but if you like LINQ or functional programming in general... or you use F#, you'll like Fu#. Especially so if you have had nightmares configuring and figuring out the unusable behemoth that is IIS7.

Some of the benefits:

  • Replacable services -- sessions, model binders, parsers can be mocked and replaced etc.
    • Scalable sessions? -- Just implement your own ISessionService.
    • Wacky model binders needed? -- Just implement a Bind(T yourObj) method and add it to the model binders.
    • Custom protocol? -- Implement an IService that parses the protocol.
  • Easily bendable pipeline -- entirely in C# no XML no configuration needed.
    • Canonical URLs? -- Just add a string replace method.
    • Selective Compression? -- Just add compression methods where you need them and only where you need them.
    • Like ruby? -- Try the RestStyleController inspired by Sinatra.
    • Wildcard subdomains? -- app.Settings.Host = "*.domain.com:80"; done.
  • Code in any style you want. -- No IIS worries, no complex unmovable stuff in ASP.NET to workaround.
    • HttpModules, HttpHandlers, ISAPI modules you don't need any of that, Fu# does all they can and much more with even less code.
    • No style is ever imposed on you that you cannot change. -- This is due to the functional nature of Fu#. Your app can be as simple as a single method or as complex as any enterprise apps.
  • Deployment heaven -- Since it's embedded, you can deploy it whatever way you want.
    • EXE? -- Make an EXE app an references fu.dll.
    • Windows Service? -- Make a windows services app and references fu.dll.
    • WPF-class management interface? -- Just make a WPF app and references fu.dll.
    • Shrinkwrap product? -- Well... just make an EXE and shrinkwrap that.
    • Security? -- Well... you do know how to secure a simple service or EXE right?
  • Easier and more performant asynchronous code. -- Using Continuation-Passing Style.
    • Comets support -- Using CPS you can leave the connection open as long as you want.
    • Streaming. -- Throw in some buffers and File.BeginRead then Stream.BeginWrite, 'nuff said.

See the wiki for an overview of how to use Fu#. For a more detailed use, checkout the samples folder.

This was my hobby project inspired by various other open source technologies and born from accumulated frustrations of trying to bend the ASP.NET pipeline / configure IIS7 so it behaves exactly as I wanted. So I built this thing in a way that all of pieces in the pipeline are easily replaceable, transparent and reusable and depend as little as possible on IIS/ASP.NET.

You can be confident that this will be kept maintained and bugs fixed as I'm using this to run a few production sites right now and also I will be using Fu# to do all my future web projects.


If you like it, please help! I'm using this in a few production sites right now so I'm not going anywhere but there're still much work to be done, right now some of the most important things are:

  • Tutorials on common basic tasks
  • Lots of real-world tests

Or if you prefer more interesting stuffs:

  • Create a lightweight wrapper around HttpListener classes
  • Constants fine-tuning (threads number, buffer size etc.)
  • HTTP Cache-Control support
  • HTTP specs verification
  • Lots of null-checks/invariant checks and TODOs in code
  • Simplification or various parts which are sometimes hard to understand.

All feedbacks and contributions greatly appreciated!

For any questions, you can ping me on twitter @chakrit or post it to the temporary fu-sharp Google group

Fu# is developed and maintained by @chakrit/website of 2nitedesign! and is licensed under The New BSD License.