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@@ -10,10 +10,39 @@ JAM it together like `this`:
(function(err, result) { setTimeout(this, 3000); })
(function() { /* yay! we're done! */ });
-That is, the `this` object is the next function to be called. Use `this` when you need to pass a callback.
+That is, the `this` object is the next function to be called.
+Use `this` when you would normally pass a callback.
You can even nest `JAM`s inside each other:
jam(function() { jam(function() { jam(function() { ....
And the JAM chain would still execute correctly :)
+And oh, you know what? You can even pass JAMs around!
+Try the `test-passing.js` example to see what I mean :)
+WHY ?
+Short answer: Because none of the existing ones are simple enough for my taste.
+Yeah, I know there're tons of other continuation helpers out there already
+but there really isn't one where you could quickly just type-in the list
+of stuff to do and be done with it without worrying about forgetting to
+close the list with a parenthesis or forgetting to add a comma. And yeah,
+IMO it is wayyy easier to just add a `(function() { })` block at the end
+because that's what you're usually doing all the time anyway taking care
+of all those JS variable scopes. And it is easier to copy/paste/reorder
+as well.
+Another thing is that, most of them isn't very monadic. Yes, you *can*
+chain them. But then you can't pass those chains around or dynamically
+modify them except maybe using a few `arguments` trick/utils to help you.
+That has limited my ability to program and think somewhat especially
+since you should be thinking a lot about asynchronous-ness and continuations
+when working on node.js (that's the whole point of the platform, ain't it?)
+So I decided, WTH, I could just write one.
+And you gotta admit, writing all these stuff is just god damned *fun*! XD

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