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Simplified jQuery dependency manager. Concurrent pre-downloading, simple to setup, execution orders are preserved.
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Initialize your dependency graph like this:

$.deps.init('/base/script/url/', {
    'site.js': [],
    'deps/dep1.js': ['site.js'],
    'deps/dep2.js': ['site.js', 'deps/dep2.css'],

    'my_component.js': ['deps/dep1.js', 'deps/dep2.js']

Load a component like this:

 $.deps.load('my_component.js', function() {
     /* something to do after componentXYZ is loaded */
     alert("all deps are loaded and executed!");

The script will lookup in the deps graph you specified using $.deps.init() and then make sure they are all loaded AND executed (or link-ed in the head) before executing your callback function.

Dependencies and execution order are guaranteed.

Supported file types:

  • JS - processed using $.globalEval
  • CSS - processed by adding a new <style /> element to the page
  • HTML, HTM, HAML - processed by adding a new <script /> element to the page with type="text/html" and id=the_filename-template, where the_filename is replaced with the filename without extension (e.g. mywidget.html, once loaded, can be accessed via $("#mywidget-template").html()).
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