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Add support for nullable types to OptionSet.Add().

This allows straightforward use of nullable types, e.g.

		int verbosity = 0;
		new OptionSet () {
			{ "v:", (int? v) => verbosity = v.HasValue
				? v.Value : verbosity + 1 },
		}.Parse (new[]{"-v"); // verbosity == 1

	* Specify NDESK_OPTIONS on the compile lines.
	* doc/en/NDesk.Options/OptionSet.xml: Document nullable type support.
	* lib/pkgconfig/ Add -d:NDESK_OPTIONS so that
	  packages using prior versions of NDesk.Options don't see a
	  gratuitous namespace change.
	* src/NDesk.Options/NDesk.Options/Options.cs: Option.Parse<T>() now
	  special-cases nullable type conversion.
	* src/NDesk.Options/NDesk.Options/Options.cs,
	  src/NDesk.Options/Test/NDesk.Options/Utils.cs: Namespace
	  "harmonization" with Mono.Options, so that we can use identical
	  source in each place, thus minimizing the maintenance burden.
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en Add support for nullable types to OptionSet.Add().
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