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(Almost) all the stuff you need to start running an npm mirror locally on your machine.
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(Almost) all the stuff you need to start running an npm mirror locally on your machine.

DISCLAIMER: I am just automating/packaging parts of the process described in this blog:


  • Install the tools. We're gonna need these (which hopefully you have already got them):

    • node
    • npm
    • make
    • couchdb

  • Clone the repository
$ git clone git:// path/you/want/for/mirror
$ cd path/you/want/for/mirror

  • Edits Makefile and change the variables to your liking.
$ cd path/you/want/for/mirror
$ nano Makefile

Example of what's provided by default:

ADMIN_USER = admin      # local couchdb admin username
ADMIN_PASS = mirr0r     # password
COUCH_HOST =    # where you are actually running the couchdb instance
COUCH_PORT = 1877       # couchdb port

NPMORG_HOST =    # source npm registry to clone from
NPMORG_PORT = 80                      # port

  • Runs make to starts up a CouchDb instance.
$ cd path/you/want/for/mirror
$ make
# CouchDb should have been started running in your terminal window.

  • Runs make setup (in another terminal) to setup the CouchDb instance.
$ make setup

  • Runs make replicate to starts the replicating the configured npm registry to your machine.
$ make replicate

This may take a really long time as the CouchDb database is being replicated over to your machine.

You might want to leave this running while you go work on something else.

  • Gives npm the --registry flag pointing to your local CouchDb install whenever you want to install or publish packages to/from this repository.
$ npm --registry http://localhost:1877/registry/_design/app/_rewrite install yourpackage

That's it!


  • Include CouchDb pre-built?
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