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BIN = ./node_modules/.bin
TEST_OPTS = --timeout 100 --reporter list --globals __coverage__ --compilers coffee:coffee-script
COFFEE_OPTS = --bare --compile
ISTANBUL_OPTS = instrument --variable global.__coverage__ --no-compact
SRC_FILES := $(wildcard src/*.coffee)
TEST_FILES = test/*.coffee
COV_FILES := $(LIB_FILES:lib/%.js=lib-cov/%.js)
default: test
lib/%.js: src/
$(BIN)/coffee $(COFFEE_OPTS) --output $(@D) $<
lib-cov/%.js: lib/%.js
mkdir -p ./lib-cov
$(BIN)/istanbul $(ISTANBUL_OPTS) --output $@ $<
all: $(LIB_FILES)
publish: clean all
npm publish
$(BIN)/mocha $(TEST_OPTS) --watch $(TEST_FILES)
instrument: $(COV_FILES)
cover: instrument
COVER=1 $(BIN)/mocha $(TEST_OPTS) --reporter mocha-istanbul $(TEST_FILES)
@echo open html-report/index.html to view coverage report.
rm -Rf html-report
rm -Rf coverage
rm -Rf lib-cov
rm -Rf lib
.PHONY: instrument all default test watch cover clean lib-cov
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