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vNext (TODO)


  • Rebuilt on Windows due to package corruption issue with OS X NuGet. (ZIP archive contains unsupported data structures.) (@NareshBanala)



  • Automatic Auth option for ThreadwisePool (@myGuruPitka)
  • Experimental TrackedThreadwisePool that can be Dispose()-ed.



  • FIXED wrong Executor mode after RESET (@cincauhangus)
  • NEW RedisClient.Mode property so client can test for the current mode. (@cincauhangus)





  • Fix for BLPOP and BRPOP wrong argument ordering (issue #5 by @paulduran)
  • Update nuget.
  • Update project files to VS2012 format.


  • Now versioning semantically ( (adding the "v" and a revision number)
  • Backward-compatible variadic write overloads (returning int instead of bool) for SADD, HDEL, SREM, ZREM, ZADD, LPUSH and RPUSH. Available in Redis 2.4+.
  • Some methods were missing from the IRedisClient interface. It's now there.
  • Experimental IocpExecutor support.


  • Fix issue #1 reported by @rjlopes, ZScore now returns double? -- null is returned when an element does not exists in the sorted set.
  • RedisSettings.New() is now RedisSettings.Build(). The old method is still there but [Obsolete]-ed
  • You can now configure clients via the ThreadwisePool constructor using lambda notation just like RedisClient.
  • Introduced BLPOP\BRPOP overloads that matches with redis docs.
  • Introduced RedisSettings.Builder.OverrideEncoding (access with RedisSettings.EncodingOverride to change string encodings used.

Experimental features:

  • RedisSettings.Builder.ConnectionTimeout for overriding internal socket connection timeout to help deal with socket timeout better.
  • AutoActivatingPool which activates client and disposes it immediately when the thread exits. This helps greatly with redis timeout issues in high-load environment.


  • Complete API support for Redis 2.2 (if I left out any, please let me know)
  • Bug fixes
  • You can now configure redis settings via the RedisClient constructor directly using lambdas.


  • MULTI/EXEC support.
  • PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE support via IObservable.
  • Complex arguments support for SORT ... other commands coming soon.
  • Refactored in a multi-mode Executor model for cleaner code and better future extensibility/optimization support (IOCP?)
  • .Custom() for introducing your own custom command and read/write action. i.e. a command we've not yet to support.


  • Improved exception handling. Now defaults to always retry until connects to deal with timeouts from Redis side and never throw exceptions.
  • RedisSettings can now be copied with .CopyNew() method.
  • ThreadwisePool.BuildClient is now protected virtual so you can override it to roll your own IRedisClient implementation.


Breaking changes:

  • RedisSettings are now built using RedisSettings.Build() see /src/Sider.Samples/ComplexSetupSample.cs:78 for an example.
  • RedisClient now supports custom serialization method so the interface and class now has a type parameter: IRedisClient<T> and RedisClient<T>, most of you should simply need to replace IRedisClient with IRedisClient<string> to get everything to compile like in v0.3.
  • SUBSTR no longer supported, use GETRANGE instead as per redis documentation.

New stuff

  • Binary data and custom serialization support has been added. Right now raw byte[] buffers and string have a dedicated serializer which will be used automatically when you create RedisClient<byte[]> and RedisClient<string>. For all other types, a generic binary serializer which uses BinaryFormatter will be used. More efficient and specific serializers will be added in the upcoming versions.
  • New settings KeyEncoding and ValueEncoding for specifying encoding in case you use a non-ASCII characters as key. (v0.3 assumed that keys would be ASCII-encodable)
  • New settings SerializationBufferSize and SerializerOverride for use with the new custom serialization support.