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This is the source repository for the Chalcid Outreach website.


Our goal is to have you, the user of the website, become an active curator of this resource.

It is important to remember that all contributions will become CC-BY-NC content, do not contribute or propose something for which you do not have rights.

Adding content through the issue tracker

This is the primary mechanism for adding pages of a specific type, i.e. those that follow a template. You will have to have a Github account to add an issue.

  • Open the Issue tracker and choose a template for the type of page you would like to add.
  • Follow the instructions in that template, replacing the text with your new content. Do this to the best of your ability, it need not be perfect.
  • Submit the issue, at this point the site curators may ask for clarification in the discussion of that issue, and may make minor tweaks to the page.
  • Once the page is finished the curators will move the content in the issue into a new file in this repository, and the page will become visible.
  • The issue will then be closed.

You can start editing a new template directly from these links:

Suggesting a modification through the issue tracker.

  • Use the Suggest modification template to suggest changes including adding or deleting content for an existing page, or requesting a change to the site.

Adding media content (images, files) in the TaxonWorks chalcid project

See here.

Modifying the website directly

See detailed instructions here.


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