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Super simple HTTP Command Bus

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Zaz Command Endpoint

IMPORTANT : For now I am assuming that I am the only user of this lib, so contracts are changing without any notice or backward compatibility. If you are intersting in using this lib, let me know.

Simple HTTP Command Endpoint. Based on simple HTTP protocol. Very opinionated. Provides minimum configuaration, but maximum extensibility points. One of the goals is to have multiple clients like .NET client, PowerShell and JavaScript.

HTTP protocol is implemented with WCF Web API. JSON serialization provided by JSON.NET.


  1. Send and Recieve commands over HTTP


Client is simple (more details in SampleApp):

var bus = new CommandBus("http://localhost:9302/Commands/");            
bus.Post(new PrintMessage
                Message = "Hello world"

Server side (more details in SampleEasyRemoteApp):

// Global.asax
public class Global : HttpApplication
    protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)


To install Client execute:

Install-Package ZazClient

To install Server execute:

Install-Package ZazServer

If you need other distribution, pls contact me.


In case if you have updated to the latest version you would have compilation errors. The following changes been introduced while upgraded the project to the new Web API.

Instead of routes based initialization

    new ServerConfiguration
        Registry = registry,
        Broker = new NventreeCommandBroker()

New central initialization class been introduced

ZazServer.ConfigureAsWebHost("Commands", new ServerConfiguration
    Registry = registry,
    Broker = new NventreeCommandBroker()


Licensed under the MIT

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