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@sindresorhus sindresorhus released this Feb 23, 2015 · 222 commits to main since this release

Introducing chalk 1.0.0!

Chalk is a node module for styling/colorizing terminal output.

Chalk is now used by ~3000 npm packages and even displayed on the npm landing page.

Fun fact: Technically, color doesn’t exist. Color is created only when our brain tries to make sense from light signals it receives from the outer world. In other words, it’s all in your head.


$ npm install --save chalk


  • Style application order is now left-to-right as one would expect. Was previously the reverse. 0234fe9
  • Force the blue color to be bright blue on Windows as the normal blue is illegible. fc6a9b2
  • Ability to disable/enable colors on a per instance basis, rather than globally. 72d1c11
  • Add ability to force color by setting the FORCE_COLOR environment variable. 19935d6
  • Disable color when node is launched from Upstart. chalk/supports-color@3371f56




Help us get npm packages upgraded to chalk 1.0.0 by submitting a Pull Request to any of these repositories upgrading their chalk dependency in package.json.

We're also looking for feedback on the documentation. If you think anything can be improved, let us know by opening an issue ;)

Made with by Sindre, Joshua, and all our wonderful contributors.

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