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@sindresorhus sindresorhus released this 26 Nov 10:13
· 27 commits to main since this release


  • This package is now pure ESM. Please read this.
    • If you use TypeScript, you need to use TypeScript 4.7 or later. Why.
    • If you use a bundler, make sure it supports ESM and that you have correctly configured it for ESM.
    • The Chalk issue tracker is not a support channel for your favorite build/bundler tool.
    • It's totally fine to stay on Chalk v4. It's been stable for years.
  • Require Node.js 12.20 fa16f4e
  • Move some properties off the default export to individual named exports:
    • chalk.Instance β†’ Chalk
    • chalk.supportsColor β†’ supportsColor
    • chalk.stderr β†’ chalkStderr
    • chalk.stderr.supportsColor β†’ supportsColorStderr
  • Remove .keyword(), .hsl(), .hsv(), .hwb(), and .ansi() coloring methods (#433) 4cf2e40
    • These were not commonly used and added a lot of bloat to Chalk. You can achieve the same by using the color-convert package.
  • The tagged template literal support moved into a separate package: chalk-template (#524) c987c61
-import chalk from 'chalk';
+import chalkTemplate from 'chalk-template';

-chalk`2 + 3 = {bold ${2 + 3}}`;
+chalkTemplate`2 + 3 = {bold ${2 + 3}}`;