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This release has been in development for more than a year and massively improves performance and the time it takes to import Chalk.

Thanks to @stroncium for his hard work on this. 🙌


  • Require Node.js 8 3ef170b
  • Remove the .enabled property in favor of .level (#356) 1f77953
    • Why: It was confusing to users to have two properties for detecting color support.
    • Migrate:
-if (chalk.enabled) {}
+if (chalk.level > 0) {}
  • Remove chalk.constructor() in favor of chalk.Instance() (#322) de2f4cd
    • Migrate:
-new chalk.constructor({level: 1});
+new chalk.Instance({level: 1})

Minor breaking

-import chalk from 'chalk';
+import chalk = require('chalk');

Or if you have esModuleInterop enabled:

-import chalk from 'chalk';
+import * as chalk from 'chalk';
  • Drop built-in Flow type definition d3be9c6
    • Why: None of us use Flow and we were not good at maintaining the type definition. You can get the types at flow-typed (needs to be updated to Chalk v3, open an issue on flow-typed).
  • Rename the ChalkOptions TypeScript type to Options cf66156
  • Remove dim style workaround for Windows (#331) cd5de7a
    • Why: The issue was fixed in newer Windows 10 builds.
  • Remove the blue color workaround for Windows (#330) 2ca015c
    • Why: The issue was fixed in newer Windows 10 builds.


  • Massively improve performance! (#337) c08417e
  • Improve require speed (#358) 61aca7c
  • Add chalk.stderr for printing to stderr (#359) 2a53389
  • Add blackBright color. It's the same as the gray color, but added for consistency. c25c32a
  • Fix support for bracketed Unicode escapes in template literals (#350) 9830948
  • Export TypeScript types for colors and modifiers (#357) 6b4d206
  • Add ansi256 and bgAnsi256 to TypeScript declaration (#368) fb8e85a
  • Add ansi and bgAnsi to TypeScript declaration (#369) 18c280d

Color detection


  • Fix support for nested styles (#335) 87156ce
  • Fix const enum for TypeScript (#364) 4e65299
  • Fix TypeScript type for supportsColor which is top‑level only (#342) b3e9b91
  • Fix TypeScript type for chalk.supportsColor (#347) d82b2a6
  • Fix TypeScript type for tagged template literal argument to accept unknown instead of just string (#316) 7f6e563


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