tools to build your own player on top of an html5 video element
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MooPlay gives some tools on top of an html5 video markup. You can build your own player with :

  • a play / pause control
  • buttons to move inside the video (rewind and fast forward)
  • an interactive play progress slider
  • a load progress bar
  • a volume slider and a mute button
  • subtitles loaded through an ajax request and synchronized with the video. Supported formats are SubRip (.srt) and SubViewer (.sub)
  • displays current or remaining time
  • a full page display button

The video element methods can be called by other scripts, MooPlay objects will adapt themself to any state changes.

More functionnalities will be available.



A demo page is available at

How to use

Please see the documentation

Unit Tests

About a hundred tests are running on each new step, to make sure all the functionnalities are still available.

Any feedback or idea about a feature ?

Please fill the issue form on GitHub or send me message