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Chalmers Vera Team

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  1. VeraHMI-PCB VeraHMI-PCB Public

    An adapter PCB for a Raspberry Pi, IO, connectors and power regulation. Designed in KiCad.

    HTML 4

  2. Vera-ECU-Board Vera-ECU-Board Public

    A PCB to break out connections to a MicroSquirt Engine Control Unit. Meant to be implemented for the Vera car of Chalmers Vera Team. The PCBs were manufactured and sponsored by PCBWay.


  3. Dynocontroller Dynocontroller Public

    Controller PCB for dyno.

    C++ 2

  4. Hyttkontakt Hyttkontakt Public

    Contact between back and inside

    Prolog 1

  5. VeraHMI VeraHMI Public


  6. ecu-breakout-board-22-23 ecu-breakout-board-22-23 Public


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