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ChaloBEST began in January 2011 as a studio-based learning experiment at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) to make transportation data publicly available over the web, SMS, smartphones, and print media using free and open source software, geospatial web databases, and community crowd-sourcing.

In 2012 we were supported by the Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) as first-prize winners in the Sankranti Transform Urban India competition held at the India Urban Conference 2011. For a quick intro, see our YouTube ChaloBEST Pitch from November 2011.

Since December 2012 we have continuing support from Topomancy LLC and large group of volunteers and enthusiasts. ChaloBEST has been made possible through the kind assistance of officials of BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking) to our students and mentors since January 2011.

Current Documentation

Data Processing

  • DatabaseImport for step-by-step docs on how we import, check and transform BEST route, stop, and schedule data into the ChaloBEST database.
  • BEST Log for logs of anomalies found in the database, for feedback to BEST.
  • GTFS for how we have created a feed in [[General Transit Feed Specification |]] for use with OpenTripPlanner and GoogleTransit.
  • BEST Database for documentation of the database schemas, models, and post-processing (outdated).

API & Web Services

  • ChaloBEST Arrest API for new documentation on the ChaloBEST API.
  • Back End for documentation on back-end functions and the application programming interface (API) for ChaloBEST and
  • Web Services for older notes on various free and open source web services, APIs and data standards for transport and multi-modal routing.

SMS Services

  • SMSFireBrigade for emergency fire drill instructions to invoke whenever ChaloBEST SMS goes down.
  • SMS How-To for language translations of ChaloBEST SMS how-to instructions for our RapidSMS application instance at
  • SMS Queries documents the query syntax for the SMS service (very outdated, needs to be updated).

Android Application

User Interface & Design

  • Front End for the specification for the website design and layout for ChaloBEST and
  • User Studies for usability research and design concepts from UserINNOV.
  • Graphic Design for notes and ideas on overall graphic design and principles of ChaloBEST.

Proposals & Official Stuff

Grant Applications 2013

  • MBillionthAward2013 for our final application to the MBillionth Award, May 2013, in collaboration with FSF India.
  • UNHabitatYouthFund for our final application to the UN Habitat Youth Fund grant programme, April 2013, in collaboration with FSF India.

Proposals 2012

Original Idea 2011

Memorandums & Agreements

Studio & Workshop Notes

Old & Outdated Stuff

  • Old SMS How To for SMS instructions in multiple languages, outdated since we simplified syntax in Feb 2012.
  • SmartShehar Dev for feedback and reports on the proprietary app developed by Chetan Temkar, SmartShehar with ChaloBEST support from July to December 2011.
  • LED Displays for a project proposal on SMS and web-enabled LED displays powered by ChaloBEST services.
  • Older Stuff for outdated documentation and notes on the project from early 2011 when we got started.
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