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Supervised segmentation toolbox using machine learning for 3D Slicer

This 3D Slicer extension enables the user to quickly train a supervised classifier and use it to classify images. See the Wiki page for more info.

If you use this extension, please reference

Included classifiers:

  • C Support Vector Machine from shark[1] and dlib[2]
  • Nu Support Vector Machine from dlib[2]
  • Random Forest from shark[1]

Included preprocessing methods:

  • Gaussian filter from VTK[3]
  • Median filter from VTK[3]
  • Sobel operator from VTK[3]


[1] IGEL, CH., HEIDRICH-MEISNER, V., GLASSMACHERS, T., Shark, 2008, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 993-996, 9

[2] KING, E. D., Dlib-ml: A Machine Learning Toolkit, 2009, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 1755-1758, 10

[3] SCHROEDER, W., MARTIN, K.; LORENSEN, B., The Visualization Toolkit (4th ed.), Kitware, ISBN 978-1-930934-19-1

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