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The Fibernavigator is a tool designed for a fast and versatile visualization of streamline datasets.

Welcome new users

You can find a pre-built executable and all the latest tools here:


If you use the Fibernavigator, please make sure that you quote the following references in any publications:

Chamberland M., Whittinstall K., Fortin D., Mathieu D., and Descoteaux M., "Real-time multi-peak tractography for instantaneous connectivity display." Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 8 (59): 1-15, 2014.

Chamberland M., Bernier M., Fortin D., Whittinstall K., and Descoteaux M., "3D interactive tractography-informed resting-state fMRI connectivity", Frontiers in Neuroscience (Brain Imaging Methods) 9:275, 2015


NEW: Updated live demo on how-to use the tractography tools:

Some tutorials here: Tutorial Page.

Video tutorials of the Fibernavigator are available.

A list of all tutorials can be seen on the Tutorial Page page.


  • Fast and efficient visualization of the results of deterministic and probabilistic tractograms.
  • Interactive selection of fibers.
  • Real-time fiber tractography (Chamberland et al. 2014, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics).
  • Orientation-dependent opacity rendering (Tax et al. 2015, PLoS ONE).
  • Display of MRI & functional MRI. Image Gallery

How to get the application

Development and contact with the team

  • Issues can be submitted in the issue tracker.
  • Various development and use recommandations and how-to are located on the wiki.

A note for previous users

This is the new source for the code and documentation of the original Fibernavigator.

All issues have been moved to the new issue tracker. New issues will also be tracked here.