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red – static site generator
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red – static site generator

This is really just a makefile for turning Markdown and Sass into HTML and CSS to produce a simple static blog. There are no scripts or binaries.

Go to to see the result.

A brief summary of the Makefile is this:

src/*.md         →  *.html
src/posts/*.md   →  *.html
src/main.sass    →  main.css

src/header.html     Prepended to every page
src/footer.html     Appended to every page

Posts are automatically listed in a section appended to the index page (src/ → index.html). The list is sorted alphabetically, so if you name your posts in the form YYYY-MM-DD-*.md, they will be listed in chronological order.

A few similar tools I've seen are bake, pdsite, and


GNU Make is required. To build the HTML pages, you need Pandoc. To build the style sheet, you need a Sass preprocessor such as sassc (edit Makefile to use another implementation).


Edit and create files within the src/ directory to determine the site's content. Then build:


You can enter

make clean

to remove all the files that were generated by make.

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