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Chameleoid Styleguide

To help ensure a unified style across Chameleoid projects, we've prepared the following styleguide.

Note: In this repo we also include a number of resources that are often used across projects, such a license, short contributing guide, readme, and editor config. These should be used where applicable.


A similar style should be preserved across most languages, here's a general overview of what we use:

  • 2-space indentation - unless where otherwise noted
  • Curly braces should not be on their own line in function definition
  • Most projects will be using Gulp for linting and testing
  • Generated files do not need to conform to this document (composer.json, bower.json, package.json, minified files, etc)
  • When in doubt, try to keep the same style as surrounding code.

Editor settings

We've included both a .editorconfig. Feel free to take a look at it to see what it provides.


We are located on Freenode in #chameleoid (look for @rummik). You can also email us at


  1. CSS
  2. LESS
  3. Stylus
  4. HTML
  5. Swig
  6. Twig
  7. Javascript
  8. JSON
  9. Markdown
  10. PHP
  11. Shell
  12. Zsh
  13. YAML


We're using @felixge's Node.js Style Guide, but with a few changes:

  • We aren't enforcing a maximum line width, but it's generally a good idea to keep it less than 100 lines
  • Multi-line arrays should have a comma on the final item
    • Right:

      var array = [
    • Wrong:

      var array = [


JSON should follow the Javascript styleguide as applicable


  • Indentation
    • Use 2-space indentation for nested lists
    • Use 2-space indentation inside code blocks
  • Lines should word-wrap at 80 columns
  • Try to use reference links where possible, as this makes reading easier
    • When using reference links, try to keep them as near to the end of their respective section as possible without making them difficult to see. Think of reference links as being in footnotes
    • When in doubt, see this file for reference, or contact someone for help
  • Unordered lists should mainly use -, though * may be used for marking notes within lists
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