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JAXRS sample using CXF and running on Heroku

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A JAXRS sample using Apache CXF 2.5.0 and running on Heroku platform.


  1. Create an account, download heroku client for your distribution, RTFM...
  2. From the shell, login to Heroku : 'heroku auth:login'
  3. Clone me then cd to cloned repository
  4. Create the app on heroku : 'heroku create -s cedar'
  5. Push the app to heroku : 'git push heroku master'
  6. Open the new app : 'heroku open'


I put some sample on how to use JAXRS in different situations with different needs: Check the code for details ( The list method shows a way to return JSON array using JAXB annotated classes, there are other solutions but this one is not so bad...

Useful URLs:

You can check a running instance at

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