A Play!Framework application used to subscribe to github events using pusbsubhubbub
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My Github Notifier

A simple Play Framework application which uses the Github PubSubHubbub API to subscribe to some events:

  • Fork events: When a repository is forked
  • Watch events: When someone watches a repository

Note: The Web application uses this PubSubHubbub protocol to subscribe to events since these events are not supported by the standard github-services.

The events will be received by the current Web application and forwarded as email to a predefined user.


Check the application.conf file and update the following properties.


Update the SMTP properties to use your SMTP server (gmail works well since you will not be forked thousand times a day)

  • mail.smtp.host=smtp.gmail.com
  • mail.smtp.user=YOURMAIL@gmail.com
  • mail.smtp.pass=YOURPASSWORD
  • mail.smtp.channel=ssl


The Web application uses Basic Auth to authenticate to Github:

  • github.user=YOURGITHUBLOGIN
  • github.password=YOURGITHUBPASSWORD

Notification properties

Events are translated as mail and sent to the notification.to defined email address:

  • notification.from=SENDER_EMAIL
  • notification.to=RECIPIENT_EMAIL



  1. The Web application has been developped using Play 1.2.4. You can get it from http://playframework.org.
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Launch 'play dependencies' then 'play run'
  4. Open 'http://HOST:9000'

Please note that the Github events will be sent to your Web application only if you run it on a public Internet address: An application running on your laptop will never receive any notification...


Since Heroku.com supports Play applications, let's use it to push your notifier online:

  1. Download and install the heroku binaries, create account, etc... Check the heroku.com documentation!
  2. Follow the heroku.com deployment documentation for Play applications...


There is a single page to manage subscriptions where you can subscribe to events (forks, watchs, ...). That's all!

-- @chamerling