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adding configuration parameter to activate view with ViewerJS PDF LP …

…- refs BT#15044
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aragonc committed Nov 8, 2018
1 parent dd1a76e commit 156bcf867579f0b3d78bc2973fb920e05cd896d5
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  1. +3 −0 main/install/configuration.dist.php
@@ -1021,3 +1021,6 @@
// You need add a new option called "confirmation" to the registration settings
//INSERT INTO settings_options (variable, value, display_text) VALUES ('allow_registration', 'confirmation', 'MailConfirmation');
// ------ (End) Custom DB changes
// Activate the view with ViewerJS for PDF files within the lessons for IPad and IPhone
// $_configuration['allow_pdf_viewerjs_in_lp'] = false;

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