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Getting started



Scratch2Romo requires Romo, iOS device supported by Romo and Scratch 1.4.

Install Scratch2Romo on the iOS device docked to Romo.

You can download Scratch 1.4 from Scratch web page(

Scratch needs to be run on a PC that is on the same Wi-Fi network that iPhone/iPod Touch docked on Romo is connected to.

Enable Remote Sensor Connections

On Scratch, click "Sensing" on the top left area, then right click on "slider sensor value". Select "enable remote sensor connections" in the context menu.


Connect Scratch2Romo to Scratch

Identify the IP address of the PC that Scratch runs on.

Start Scratch2Romo and input the above IP address in the text field that says "Scratch Host IP", then click "Connect".


if both the iOS device and the PC that Scratch runs on are on the same Wi-Fi network and Remote Sensor Connections are enabled correctly, you should see message saying "Connected".


Control Romo from Scratch

If Scratch2Romo is connected to Scratch, you can control Romo from Scratch.

On Scratch, click "Control" on the top left area, drag "broadcast backward" block to the center area, then right click on the block. You should see the list of the commands that can be sent to Scratch2Romo to control Romo.

What you can do with these commands is as follows:

  • backward - make Romo drive backward
  • down - make iOS device docked to Romo face down
  • forward - make Romo drive forward
  • left - make Romo turn left
  • right - make Romo turn right
  • stop - stop Romo
  • up - make iOS device docked to Romo face down

For example, the following script makes Romo dance.


Control Romo by Scratch



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