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scratch2mip is ScratchX extension that enables Scratch to control balancing robot, WowWee MiP.

scratch2mip Demo

Setup Demo

scratch2mip Setup Demo


Install Helper App

To control MiP, Helper App needs to be installed. You need node.js to run it.

% cd workdir
% wget
% unzip
% cd scratch2mip_helper
% npm install

Ignore WARN messages. These are warning messages.

Run scratch2mip

  1. Open ScratchX page.

  2. Click "Open Extension URL" and paste the following URL, then click "Open".
  3. On Warning dialog, click "I understand, continue" if you trust scratch2mip.

  4. Turn on Wowwee MiP.

  5. Run the Helper App:

    cd workdir/scratch2mpi_helper
    node scratch2mip_helper.js
  6. If the Helper App successfully connects to the robot, it lists your MiP. Choose the robot you want to control.


  7. If the Helper App says "Server listening on...", you can control MiP from ScratchX using the following custom blocks.


  8. Demo Project: scratch2mip_demo.sbx


  9. Demo Project 2(Using the radar): scratch2mip_radar_demo.sbx [Demo Movie]

    radar demo script

Remote Sensor Protocol version for Scratch 1.4

If you want to control MiP from Scratch 1.4, use scratch2mip_helper/scratch2mip_rsc.js.

  1. Start Scratch 1.4.

  2. Enable "remote sensor connections"(Click "Sensing" on the top left area, then right click on "slider sensor value". Select "enable remote sensor connections" in the context menu.)

remote sensor connections

  1. Run the Helper App RSC version:

    cd workdir/scratch2mpi_helper
    node scratch2mip_rsc.js
  2. Use "broadcast" blocks to control MiP

broadcast blocks


Control self balancing robot WowWee MiP from ScratchX



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