This is the DECX (DEC eXtended) model for historical biogeographic inference
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This is the git version of the c++ version


To be written...

Build instructions


To build lagrange_cpp binary you need to install :

  • gfortran
  • lib gcc dev
  • lib gsl dev

Under Debian-like systems :

sudo apt-get install gfortran gcc g++ libgsl0-dev

Go to src/ directory and type

make -f makefile.champak clean
make -f makefile.champak

It should produce lagrange_cpp dynamic binary.

You may also want a static binary :

make -f makefile.champak clean
make -f makefile.champak static


What i did to be able to compile on windows :

  • Install git with git-bash from
  • Install minGW32 from
  • Install all dev packages inside minGW
  • Edit ~/.bashrc in git-bash to change PATH : export PATH=$PATH:/c/MinGW/bin/
  • make symbolic link for make : cd /c/MinGW/bin ; ln -s mingw32-make.exe make
  • Download lib GSL sources from
  • Compile them
  • Adjust the src/ to fit with my files paths
  • Run make -f static to get a static bin
  • Be satisfied


To get things right under MacOS, you'll need fink or another pseudo-package manager. The goal is to install correct gcc/g++ and the needed libs :

git clone
cd fink
# the next command is quite long
sudo ./bootstrap
echo ". /sw/bin/" > ~/.bash_profile
. ~/.bash_profile
# this might also be very long
sudo fink selfupdate-cvs
# and the longest is...this one
sudo fink install gcc49 gsl

cd DECX/src
make -f makefile.mac clean
make -f makefile.mac

I'm working on a way to produce a quasi-static binary for MacOSX.