Vendors the Backbone.Marionette library for use with Rails' asset pipeline


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This gem is a wrapper for Derick Bailey's Backbone.Marionette library. It vendors the javascript library code for use with Rails' asset pipeline (Rails 3.1+).

This gem is currently maintained by @wingrunr21.


Backbone.Marionette depends on Backbone (and Backbone's dependencies). These dependencies are not currently managed by the marionette-rails gem directly, because there exists multiple options to use Backbone with the Rails asset pipeline, such as backbone-on-rails, backbone-rails, rails-backbone, just to name a few.


Add it to your Gemfile:

  gem 'marionette-rails'

Then add this to app/assets/javascripts/ after your backbone require:

#= require backbone.marionette

Or, if you are using pure javascript, add this to app/assets/javascripts/application.js:

//= require backbone.marionette


The gem will mirror the Backbone.Marionette versioning scheme. That is, version 0.8.2.* of marionette-rails would vendor Backbone.Marionette v0.8.2.

Updating Backbone.Marionette

There are two rake tasks that aid with this process:

rake marionette:latest # => will fetch the latest Backbone.Marionette tag/SHA and print them
rake marionette:update # => will update the gem to the latest Backbone.Marionette js and update the gem version


For bugs in Backbone.Marionette itself, head over to their issue tracker. If you have a question, post it at StackOverflow under the backbone.marionette tag.

For bugs in this gem distribution, use the GitHub issue tracker. If you could submit a pull request - that's even better!


This library is distributed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file.