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err or condensed er² and pronounced "R2" is a chatbot that allows you and your team to interact live with it in a chatroom with preprogrammed commands.

By integrating commands into a chat, you can ease the communication by showing real time query / results while chatting.

Basic usage

In order to get the list of available commands, simply type : !help

The bot, either directly or in a chatroom will answer you with the list of commands and their meaning.




Available commands:

ElizaBot: !askus: Give us a fun topic to talk about !complete: Complete the given sentence !eliza: El'cheapo shrink for you ErrBot: Commands related to the bot administration !install: install a plugin repository from the given source or a known public repo (see !repos to find those). !load: load a plugin !reload: reload a plugin !repos: list the current active plugin repositories !restart: restart the bot !status: If I am alive I should be able to respond to this one !taillog: Display a tail of the log [...]

You can request more help by doing !help command.


!help weather


Shows weather info for given location.
    Example: !weather San Francisco, CA
    or !weather brussels

For the current list of available commands you can look at http://github.com/gbin/err/wiki/Catalog

Interactive usage example


@joe have you seen the weather for the end of the week ?




take a look !
!weather brussels


Weather forecast for brussels

Forecast date: 2012-05-21,  Taken at Brussels, Bruxelles on 2012-05-28 06:00:00 +0000

*Current conditions*:
Condition: Cloudy
Temps: 12 c
Humidity: 88%
Wind: W at 13 mph

*Forecast conditions*:

Day of week: Mon
Chance of Rain
Low: 14.0 c
high 25.0 c

Day of week: Tue
Low: 11.0 c
high 23.0 c

Day of week: Wed
Low: 15.0 c
high 27.0 c

Day of week: Thu
Low: 16.0 c
high 30.0 c


Oh yes indeed !

So it is a simple example but you can imagine to integrate it with bug tools like jira, zendesk reporting, ... so the team can query and interact in real time with other systems.