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Moment Theme for Felix Felicis

This is the latest version of the default theme for Felix Felicis.


Install with liquidluck

$ liquidluck install moment

Install by yourself

Git clone this repo, and place it in your blog:


Install with git submodule

You can use git submodule for convience:

$ git submodule add git:// _themes/moment


Edit your, change your theme to:

theme = 'moment'


You can customize your theme with theme_variables.

  • Change Navigation (example)
theme_variables = {
    'navigation': [
        ('Home', '/'),
        ('Life', '/life/'),
        ('Work', '/work/'),
  • Google Analytics
theme_variables = {
    'analytics': 'UA-xxxx',
  • Disqus Comment Support
theme_variables = {
    'disqus': 'your-disqus-shortname',
  • Tagcloud support, active tagcloud:
writers = {
    'tagcloud': 'liquidluck.writers.core.TagCloudWriter',
    # disable tag writer
    # 'tag': None,

# change post tags link to tagcloud
theme_variables = {
    'tagcloud': True,  # default is False


You can create a file in your source directory (content) named

# 404

- template: 404.html


You content here.

Configure your nginx, add:

error_page 404 /404.html;

You can google for more information.

Allow comment

If you post is not public, this post will not be allowed to comment. If you want to allow people to comment on your secret post, set

allow_comment_on_secret_post = True

Write a Review

This theme supports review microdata.

Write your post:

# title

- date: 2012-12-12
- review: movie or book title
- rating: 4



Rating is optional, the max rating is 5.