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%% Compile erlc -I /Path/to/ejabberd/src/ src/mod_global_roster.erl

%% mv .beam to ejabberd/ebin

%% Add module to ejabberd.cfg

{mod_global_roster, [{key, "roster:"}, {redis_host, ""}, {redis_port, 6379}, {redis_db, 0}}]}

%% Options above are defaults, overwrite for custom options.

%% Start ejabberd

%% Note eredis is a dependancy and needs to be in your code path

%% Install eredis git clone

cd eredis

./rebar compile

%% (ln all files in ebin to ejabberd/ebin)

%% Install ejabberd full

git clone

cd ejabberd

git checkout -b 2.1.x origin/2.1.x

cd src

./configure (add path?)


sudo make install

%% Versions

%% Erlang >= OTP_R14A (eredis needs the binary module which seems to have been introduced in this version)

%% Ejabberd tested with 2.1.x but may work on others