Chance CLI - random generator for the command line using Chance.js under the hood
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Chance CLI

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Chance CLI - random generator for the command line

Chance documentation:


Install globally so it can be used anywhere on your system:

npm install -g chance-cli

Then just use it!

$ chance sentence
Sikolnul risuz issi ah re gul unagacire mo fu nuuwazek wihnus tagit bolome.


First invoke it with its keyword, chance

Then follow it with the name of the generator you'd like from the docs

Then any options follow as flags.

Can optionally pass a seed with the --seed flag for repeatable results

$ chance --seed 23 name
Edna Flores
$ chance --seed 23 name
Edna Flores


# Just the generator
$ chance name
Steven Nguyen

# Now add an option
$ chance name --middle_initial true
Ethel M. Barnett

# Now 2 options
$ chance name --middle_initial true --suffix true
Maria C. Daniel Esq.

# Miscellaneous random examples
$ chance floating --min 0 --max 100

$ chance ip

$ chance hammertime

$ chance twitter

$ chance guid


On a Mac? Copy directly from the command line to your clipboard by piping to pbcopy the Mac clipboard utility

$ chance hash | pbcopy
# d1db9ef9ecee059f528d36c200534f34f474e144 is now your clipboard


Victor Quinn

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