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Bring the sexy back to runaway scripts.

What is it?

Runaway! is a graphical web-based frontend to check for runaway processes in a unix environment. A runaway check may be performed directly from the browser; no terminal access required.

How it Works

Runaway! operates within an Apache environment. When you click the 'Run' button, your browser will send an HTTP GET request to the backend runaway script. (runaway.script) The backend script will SSH into remote hosts specified in a hosts.txt (delimited by newlines) file in the script's working directory. As the backend script is SSHing into these remote hosts it also streams a progress indication to the frontend. After the backend script completes, the frontend displays the results of the runaway check.

Want to use it yourself?

Warning, there be bugs and hacks within. Use at your own risk. Be forewarned, YMMV.

Familiarize yourself with the source. Some changes may need to be made in order to get the script to work in your environment.

SSH and Remote Hosts

Because the backend script SSHes into remote hosts autonomously, one of the following contitions must be met:

  • Have an instance of ssh-agent running with properly added keys on the Apache host, or
  • Have a passphrase-free SSH key available to the Apache host added to each of the remote host's .ssh/authorized_keys files.

You will not receive results if the backend script can not successfully SSH into the specified remote hosts.


Bring the sexy back to runaway scripts.




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