Erlang stats aggregation app that periodically flushes data to a graphing system of your choice, e.g. Graphite or Librato Metrics
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Still undergoing changes.


Heavily modified fork of the Johannesh estatsd.

Major Changes

  • Packaged as an application rather then a release.
  • 3 kinds of stat reporting: counters, gauges and average.
  • Adapter management changed to a gen_server based infrastructure with a supervisor monitoring adapter workers.

Installation & Usage

Package it however you want, set up your app.config and do estatsd:start()

###Counters On flush, counters send a delta to the adapters. This behaviour is different then in the other estatsd implementations, which essentialy sent a value equal to counts/flush_interval.

%%increments by 1
%%increments by 5
%%increments by 5/0.5

###Gauges Gauges measure a numeric value at a point in time. The last value for the gauge for the given flush interval is reported as the value. If the adapter supports more advance reporting (eg. Librato's gauge api) then those may be reported as well.


###Averages Similar to gauges except all reports for the given flush interval will be averaged before reporting


Application Configuration

The udp args aren't present anymore (for now). The flush interval should be in milliseconds. The adapter specs are either a 3-tuple {Label,Module,Args} where Label is unique among all adapters and Module implements an estatsd_adapter behaviour or {Module,Args} where the label will be defaulted to Module.