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A* Search Agent Built in Java for an Artificial Intelligence Course
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Artificial Intelligence: Excercise 3A: SearchAgent


Implement an agent that solves problems in the MÆDEN simulated environment. (Maeden is a simulated grid-world environment designed to support multi-agent problem-solving. Agent controllers may be written in any language that supports basic sockets.)

Agent can have internal state and can use search to find paths to locations in the environment.


This client is an intelligent agent that uses a combination of 'mental maps' and A* seach to nagivate mazes.

See*_search_algorithm for more information about A* search.

This project was built for CS 455 - Artificial Intelligence, at Southern Oregon University - Winter, 2017 (Professor Wayne Iba).

Running the Program

In order to run the program correctly, the Maeden program must be running before starting the agent.

When the world has been chosen and loaded into Maeden the agent can be started.

This is done by navigating to the src folder and opening a command window in the location.

Type in: java MaedenClient and the program will run.


  • Chandler Severson
  • Andres Rivero
  • Dawn Matson
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