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A simple visual scripting framework inspired from QALiber that uses Selenium to create/execute web test scripts.
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       Hypertest (v0.1)
Inspired by QALiber and Selenium, and wanting to learn WPF/C# I started out this project (during my spare time) to automate some web testing at work. The project is still in the initial stages but a decent amount of functionalities work.

Stuff that works
- Variables, visual scripting
- Performing simple actions on elements (Click/Send keys)
- Complex searching within elements
- Simple expression evaluation
- Storing element's properties as variables
- Taking screen shots at the end of a test step
- Easy to create new test cases
- Different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE)

Plans for future
- Complex inputs (Dragging/dropping, Ctrl + Click etc)
- Partial screenshots
- Image comparison
- OCR over an area and analyze text
- Better organization of tests in the tests pane
- Plans to have different types of scenario - currently there is only web scenario. This can be extended to test an app (WPF UIA Based)
- Create/reuse existing property grid in test case whenever possible
- Create a runner service? This way runner can be installed in a remote system and the scenario can be serialized and sent to the system for execution
- Any new ideas/suggestion??

Please feel free to contact me if you have some ideas and if you would like to contribute to this project.

The project has the following dependencies
1. AvalonDock - This is an open source control/tool used in SharpDevelop for the docking system. No code was modified - only the DLL was used. For more details:
2. Selenium Webdriver - Used to create browser instance and issue commands. For more details:

All the dependencies of the projects are open source. I would like to keep this project open source as well under the GPL.

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