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Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm and Java Graphics
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Note: If you are not familiar with the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, I recommend reading about Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Getting Started

Link to src-Click on the link to src folder of this project on github


You may need to have your Java Development Environment setup already. This project is built in Netbeans IDE, so it has the project structure of Netbeans. It's easy to find, open, run this project on Netbeans IDE if you have it already. You can download latest version of this IDE from this link suitable for your local machine. Here is how to run this project on your machine using cmd

  • Go to the directory where you downloaded the project file and extracted it. For example: cd C:/users/chand/psa_project/algoproject/src/interfacepack
  • And compile the java file using the command javac
  • And then run it using java Example , and there you get this big screen like below


You can build an executable jar file for quick run of this project on Netbeans and also other IDEs and cmd In Netbeans

  1. Right-click on the Project name
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click Packaging
  4. Check Build JAR after Compiling
  5. Check Compress JAR File
  6. Click OK to accept changes
  7. Right-click on a Project name
  8. Select Build or Clean and Build
  • Your executable jar file can be seen in your projectname/dist/ folder

Built with

  • Swing - Java Framework
  • Netbeans IDE - Development IDE/Environment






  • Thanks to the Teaching Assistants and Professor Bugrara for the rigorous assignments in Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Inspiration from existing Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm and Navy army around the world
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