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Spring MVC Application - J2EE - Collaboration and Communication webtool
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Website for Collaboration and Communication in an organization

  • README file included in the next directory explains the structure of the application. If you are here for the project code skip this. If not, stay here and learn more about the installation and other project details.

Getting Started

You can directly download or clone this repository and run it on your STS IDE or any webserver


You may need to have your Java Development Environment setup already. This project is built using STS IDE and follows Spring MVC architecture, so it has the project structure of Eclipse's Java Spring Application. I found it easy using Eclipse for this project because there's less need of adding external jars, instead I was able to add maven dependencies in pom.xml file. You can download the latest version of this IDE from this link suitable for your local machine. Here is how to run this project on your machine using STS IDE.


Once you build the project on your local machine, you can try running it using the local domain address anytime the server is ON!!

Built With

  • Spring - Java Framework
  • Hibernate
  • JPA - Persitence Mechanism
  • STS IDE - Developement IDE / Environment
  • Tomcat8 - WebServer
  • MySQL - Database System






  • Thanks to the teaching assistants and Professor Ozbek for the rigorous assisgnments on Spring and Hibernate throughout the semester
  • Inspired from Blackboard, Slack, Facebook
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