Perl init script for minecraft servers.
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Perl init script for minecraft servers. Requires GNU Screen.


Installing the Script

  • Install "screen" if you don't already have it
  • Edit the SETTINGS variables to fit your server environment.
  • Symlink to /etc/init.d/mineserv (Drop the .pl extension if you want)
  • Make it executable: sudo chmod a+x /etc/init.d/mineserv
  • Add it to the init list: sudo update-rc.d mineserv defaults

Uninstalling the Script

  • Simply unlink the file: sudo unlink /etc/init.d/mineserv
  • Remove from the init list: update-rc.d -f mineserv defaults

Using the Script

  • Usage: /etc/init.d/mineserv {start|stop|restart|status|backup|cleanup [days]} (Backup makes a .tar.gz archive of the world folder in the backup directory (Cleanup deletes backups older than [days] given in the backup directory)

  • To send a command to the server console: /etc/init.d/mineserv command "your command"

  • To bring up the server console run: screen -r mineserv (Make sure run as the correct user)
  • To give items to players: mineserv give [player] [item id] [amount] This command will allow you to give more than 64 items at a time so specify any amount!