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IoT with SigFox and AWS

This project combines the XKit development kit from Thinxtra with AWS services including Lambda. IoT Core, and the Glue Data Catalog to sense environmental parameters including temperature, pressure, light intensity and 3D accelration, and store the data in the cloud for processing and analysis.

Please note - if you have recently acquired your Xkit, it does come with a free years subscription to the SigFox network, after which time you will need to purchase a plan to enable your board to communicate with the network. At the time of writing I purchased a year of connectivity with each device allowed to transmit up to 50 messages / day, for AUD$21.

The code that runs on the Uno board to which the Thinxtra shield is connected, together with the required libraries, is provided in


The AWS side of things is handled in


To deploy the cloud infrastructure, ensure you have the serverless framework installed and then run

sensor-service> sls deploy

The serverless script will provide details of the API gateway endpoint that was created, which you will need to configure the callback in the SigFox backend.

alt text

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