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A Strava client written in Vaadin
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A simple web application written in Vaadin that pulls your activities from Strava and allows you to

  • Plot multiple activities together on a map
  • Export mutiple activities to GeoJSON


To run the application you will need to have:-

  1. A Strava account
  2. An application configured within your Strava account - you can do that here
  3. A Vaadin charts developer license details here
  4. A MapBox access token, details here


The application takes 4 parameters as follows:-

  • -Dstrava.clientid - the client id of your Starav app
  • -Dstrava.secret - the secret from your Strava app
  • -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license - Vaadin charts developer key
  • -Dmap.key - mabox access token

To run the application, use the following command

mvn clean jetty:run -Dstrava.clientid= -Dstrava.secret= -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license=<charts_license> -Dmap.key=<map_key>

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