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Redis-backed solution for caching sequences of object ids

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This gem assists with the querying of paginated lists of models that match certain conditions.

For example, let's say you have a model Item with attributes power_level and category. You would define the module for this as follows:

ItemListMaster = ListMaster.define do
  model Item

  set 'power', :attribute => 'power_level'
  set 'category'

Now when ItemListMaster.index! is called, the following sorted sets will be put in redis:

power                   (items scored by there 'power_level' attribute)
category:a   (all items have zero score)
category:c (...and so on for every value of 'category')

These sorted sets simply hold ids to the objects that they represent collections of. You can then ask for arrays of ids for items that are in multiple sets:

ItemListMaster.intersect 'power', 'category:category_one', limit: 10, offset: 20
#=> Struct {
  :results => Array of ids of Items in 'category_one' ordered by 'power_level',
  :offset => integer,
  :limit => integer,
  :reverse => boolean,
  :total_entries => integer
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